Shohanur Rahman

Shohanur Rahman

UI/UX Designer, Visual Artist

My passion lies in creating captivating and

emotive works that leave a lasting impression.

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Product Designer, Project Lead

UI/UX Design for Tripger a
Travel Management App

I am responsible for designing brand identity, User Research,
Ui Design, Wireframing, Prototyping, and Solving UI Problems.
Graphic Designer & Design Lead

Event Design, International Symposium on Marine Resource Management

I was responsible for designing the whole event from scratch to end.
UI/UX Designer

Landing Page Design for Make your app

I was responsible for designing the landing page wareframe, UI/UX.

"Harmony in Creativity: Let's Design Dreams Together."

“Begin a Creative Journey! Whether it’s stunning designs or captivating photography, let’s turn your ideas into reality. Join me on this creative adventure, where every project is an opportunity to make something extraordinary.”